Discount Flooring Cape Coral is a Flooring Sales and Installation Company!

Since our establishment in 1998, We offer a very wide range of Hardwood Flooring, Carpet & Tile services in SW Florida. In fact, we have one of the largest selections in SW Florida.

Whether your Flooring is for your home, office, RV or commercial space, We will be of service for you! Our showroom offers hundreds and hundreds of flooring products, thus giving you the opportunity to pick the something that best suits your taste from well-known brands such as Shaw.

Our sales and service consultants are always ready to discuss about the kind of product you need for your specific project and give you their years of experience. Our company also deploys a team of expert installers for every project site.

With these things in mind, you will have that peace of mind knowing that only expert hands and minds work to help you realize your project.

Sub Floors And How They Are Corrected

We usually have no idea what your subfloors look like until the installation begins. Therefore, we can rarely anticipate any potential problems. As a result, we usually let it up to the installer to
advise you how to proceed and the cost of doing so.

So, What Kind Of Problems Can Arise?

(NOTE: if you think that there may be a problem, pre-remove the old floor a week or so prior to our installation
day and we’ll give you a better estimate of costs.)

1. Removal of old floor. Usually, there is no additional charge to remove old floors. Since we don’t know how the material is adhered to the floor, we cannot give a firm estimate. If linoleum or the like or carpet is adhered to the floor and it comes up easily, then a slight additional charge may apply. However, if it is a difficult removal, the installer will discuss with you the costs. If ceramic is to be removed, we have several options for you. You should have discussed this with us prior to installation.

2. Particle board and some OSB floors can sometimes, over time, become soft or loose adhesion. This is a “Must Replace” situation. The cost to replace is about $70/85 per ½ “, 4 x 8 sheet. To cut down cost, it is usually a bit less expensive to go over old floor with ½ “. However, in some cases we should replace down to the joists. It is up to you how to proceed. Sometimes, we can merely replace a few bad spots. It will be up to you how to proceed after discussing this with our installers.

3. MOLD is something for which we do not have solutions. You will have to contact someone who handles this professionally.

4. Vinyl floors which are permanently stabilized may require additional work. We include a flash coat in our pricing. Flash coat merely is a very thin layer of a cementitious product designed to attempt to smooth floor, filling most voids. However, if more extensive work has to be done, then this must be discussed with installers. Sometimes, on wood floors, we have to put down a new 3/16 to ¼ inch subfloor.

5. Unlevel concrete floors. Once again, with vinyl floors which are permanently stabilized, we do include flash coating. However, if your floor is out of level, it will be noticeable after installation. Most other products require a level floor to within 1/8 inch in 8 feet. Therefore, if your floor is out that much, we must level the floor. This must be discussed with installer upon removal of old floors and before installation.

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